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The Behemoth Legalis MindHack by Jack Calverley
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A science fiction short story/chapbook

When P. D. R. Buchanan is employed to sort out a dispute between two corporate AIs, he finds he's digging a bottomless hole for himself...

A sample short story from the collection "Proud New Monkey, UITSU & more..." by Jack Calverley, published here as a chapbook.

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Proud New Monkey, UITSU and More 17 all new SF short stories
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Explore 17 singular worlds and their elastic futures in these all new science fiction short stories, conceived in the trail-blazing spirit of a re-invented Dangerous Visions but written today from our present, for our tomorrows... speculative, scientific, metaphoric, or plain weird excursions into humankind’s coming eras.

Thus Frances confronts a gift that simply won't stop giving, Matthew must cope when space-time abruptly changes, and Katarina embarks on a rural idyll that proves less than idyllic (all this without even touching on what UITSU means).

Embark on a journey from the satirically dark to the fizzy and light; take some bold ideas for a spin in the variegated worlds of these 17 SF short stories and visit places, explore tech, and meet characters you'll want to encounter time and again and then some... always pushing boundaries.

From "Proud New Monkey" to "The Slow Fuse" never a standstill moment - pre-order now!

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Death of a Bad Neighbour Revenge is Criminal cover artwork
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An anthology of fifteen all new crime and mystery short stories based on the theme of revenge taken against a bad neighbour by somewhat less than legal means.
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Tinnitus the novel - Revenge is Never Knowing when the Blow Will Come - murder mystery
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A novel. When Sandy Amadeus searches for real-life stories for the musical theatre, he finds real-death stories instead and becomes a player on a larger stage.
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Writing Tips and Techniques Toolbox cover artwork
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Carter Blakelaw takes 100 lessons learned from over ten years of writers' groups and critique sessions and presents them as 100 rules of thumb for writing by. When someone tells you, 'There are no rules for writing' and you wonder what rules they are deliberately ignoring, have a look at these...
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The Man in My Head Has Lost His Mind cover artwork
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In this text, Carter Blakelaw first sets the scene:
- Is the family pet conscious?
- How do we focus attention?
- Does consciousness give us free will?
- Are you the same person today as yesterday (where is your conscious self when you sleep?)
- Why did we evolve to be consciousness?
- How does consciousness deliver meaning?
- What would a good theory of consciousness look like?
Then he advances:
- A model for consciousness at the systems-of-neurons scale
- A mechanism for consciousness at the quantum scale
Finally, he suggests some real world tests that science will one day be able to perform that will either corroborate or invalidate the picture he paints here. He presents a workable, testable theory. Science and philosophy would demand nothing less.

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This Robot Brain Gets Life - Making AI Pseudo-Conscious
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Can a computing device appreciate the smell of coffee on a Sunday morning, or contemplate the Earth as seen from the Moon, or worry about inflation and the price of gas?

Not without being conscious and understanding the world. And it can't do one without the other, surely?

In this book, Carter Blakelaw uses a theory of what makes us conscious to design a machine that will genuinely think for itself.

Not only that, but once he has his machine, he looks at how to ensure its interests align with our own, and how to keep it honest and true (alignment and hallucinations being two of the biggest issues in AI today).

Discover what he discovers about the machine, about our world, and about us.

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Authentic Art in the Age of AI - a de-manifesto
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What is left for the creative soul?

Given a theory of what makes us conscious and, on the back of that, a theory of how far AI can go without being conscious, we can ask what a human being can do that an unconscious AI cannot.

Even then, an AI will likely immitate those all-too-human capabilities too, so is there some realm, some aspect, some art—some corner of the universe that will forever remain the preserve of the human being?

This book examines what is left for the artist of any kind: painter, poet, musician or prose monkey—for monkeys we all are, are we not, in the end?

Turn the page on the challenge for creativity; you want The Authentic? Then read on...

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Abuse of Title music by EiDoxis
Discover music by: EiDoxis

Two CDs' worth of computer generated toons.
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ROOMS 3D Desktops - science fiction worlds for your desktop wallpaper
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Turn your Windows™ desktop into a 3D game-like world.
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