Feed your iPod iTunes
Feed Your iPod iTunes

How difficult is it to find stuff for your iPod on iTunes? All you get are best sellers and new releases that they choose.

Bored with the same, tired bands?

You need variety and choice in your music collection. Allow a fresh breeze to blow through your auditory senses.

Here's an alternative.

Go straight to our music page on iTunes - try out our original electronic sounds directly.

listen to EiDoxis on iTunes

EiDoxis, founded by Jack Calverley, mentored by Mike Varjak, 2004-Elactravolution CD/video, 2005-Omnipathology, June 2006 Abuse of Title CD  

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pick n mix your own sounds from our music with our online
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EiDoxis fan club meeting
photo: Derrick Welsh

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