indie music albums from EiDoxis

Indie music albums from EiDoxis


1. hidden statistical distress
2. stick me with your rhythm hit
3. flockundity
4. mixing it with bells on
5. shift letter shift case
6. ivory is electronic now
7. flunking the kyoto protocol
8. arhythmia to the beat of my heart
9. hussle hassle rush
10. trendy bendy wendy
11. life and the strange charmed quark
12. sad for you, displacement
13. fun food factory saves the spaghetti farm
14. wind up, fear the fun

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EiDoxis, founded by Jack Calverley, mentored by Mike Varjak, 2004-Elactravolution CD/video, 2005-Omnipathology, June 2006 Abuse of Ttitle CD  

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