Indie experimental music

Indie experimental music

EiDoxis musical growth has been mentored by Mike Varjak, who, as a classically trained rock musician, is I suspect ambivalent about the mutilation of sound which can be wrought through electronics and computers.

On the other hand, the computer is the basis of EiDoxis experience - for EiDoxis the computer came first and then: "Heh guys we can use it to make music too..."

Hence the 40 minute music video which accompanied the Electravolution CD was entirely computer generated. And served as a welcome to the new label "The Logic of Dreams".

On the back of that we released the CD "Omnipathology", another instrumental collection. however the next CD which will be called "Abuse of Title", expected in June 2006, we are also going to include some vocals (yes, real vocals, not computer generated), so I guess we might have to admit that the computer cannot do everything...

EiDoxis, founded by Jack Calverley, mentored by Mike Varjak, 2004-Elactravolution CD/video, 2005-Omnipathology, June 2006 Abuse of Ttitle CD  

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