A river me cry: Gaia

by Jack Calverley

(c) copyright 2006, EiDoxis Limited. All rights reserved.

Gaia is revolted by the things you do
She will see the same done to you
You put first your lust for power
she will pluck you from your tower

Gaia is ashamed of the things you make
The only game you know is take
Brand her flesh and turn her hair
Carve her bones and burn her air

And I hear Gaia crying
in the middle of the night
mid floodlit sky
and noisy flight
And I hear Gaia sighing
stop this pain
sustain your growth
everyone will gain

Gaia is angered by the likes of you
Folk who don't care what they do
Bend good books for selfish gain
The only side effect is pain

Gaia is raving at the raving mad
Burial of beauty that she once had
Morality demands a long term view
Your future pays hell its due.

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